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Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer Los Angeles

Since 1976, individuals looking for a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer have known they could trust the team at J. Shaffer Smith & Associates. It was then that Mr. Smith, graduate of the prestigious Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, opened the doors to his famed offices and quickly became the leading attorney for cases regarding bad faith insurance and a number of other personal injury legal concerns. At J. Shaffer Smith & Associates, our experience in the field of bad faith insurance has helped us garner a respected position as the premier firm in Los Angeles for those who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous insurance companies.

Insurance bad faith refers to the breach of the trusted covenant of good faith that is necessary for an insurance contract. In essence, insurance bad faith means that an insured person can hold an insurance company accountable for their wrongful conduct. Under the law of most U.S. jurisdictions, insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing to the persons they insure. As the premier bad faith insurance attorney in Los Angeles, J. Shaffer Smith and his team work on behalf of those who need help the most – individuals whose trust has been abused by the illegal activities of an insurance company.

There is perhaps no more devastating feeling than when you are bullied by a large, wealthy insurance company with access to seemingly limitless resources. That’s why it’s essential that anyone who is victimized by the actions of a cold, inhumane insurance company learn their rights and find the ideal attorney to defend them. To Los Angeles residents who have been in this unfortunate position, the choice of law firm to represent them is always clear – J. Shaffer Smith & Associates.

Experienced and Compassionate Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

At J. Shaffer Smith & Associates, our sterling reputation as the best insurance bad faith attorney in L.A. comes from our in-depth understanding of the law as it pertains to insurance issues. We hold firm in our belief that an insurance company always holds a duty to its policyholders. When and insurer refuses to pay a settlement that is owed, our esteemed legal team will provide the best insurance bad faith attorney Los Angeles has to offer.

While much of our expertise revolves around the relationship between the insurer and insured, the breadth of our abilities stretches into many facets of personal injury law. For instance, for the top burn injury lawyers, Los Angeles trusts J. Shaffer Smith & Associates as well. Naturally, as one of the world’s most renowned commuter cities, a top ranked Los Angeles auto accident lawyer is also a necessity, and J. Shaffer Smith is proud to fit the bill. As a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, J. Shaffer Smith brings an esteemed background and indelible experience to his role as the chief attorney at J. Shaffer Smith & Associates.

For further information regarding bad faith in insurance cases, or any of our other practice areas specialties, contact the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates today by calling 323-653-5092 for a free consultation. Our team is always dedicated to ensuring those who need help the most can receive it from top tier attorneys, so contact us today.