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When You Need a Dog Bite Lawyer

picture-dog-bitesAt the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates, we know that pet-related injuries are no laughing matter; they often call for serious legal action and the need for an outstanding dog bite lawyer. As the firm that many consider the best place to find a leading personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates also knows that finding the right dog bite lawyercan make an enormous difference in the lives of animal bite victims.

The fact of the matter is that area residents who are bitten and who do not receive sufficient compensation may require the services of an outstanding Los Angeles dog bite lawyer. Dog bites can lead to infection and, in some cases, the danger of contracting rabies, still one of the world’s deadliest and most painful diseases. Dog owners have a legal obligation to restrain their animals for the safety of the general public; when they fail to do that, it is up to them to make the victims whole again through financial compensation.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Los Angeles

Due to the concept of strict liability, dog owners in California are specifically liable for the long term impacts of an attack by their dog – as long as the victim was legally on the premises where the attack occurred. There’s a problem, however, because, even when owners do the right thing and admit their legal and ethical responsibility, insurance companies may fail to do their part in compensating a bite victim. That’s when the help of an insurance bad faith attorney is needed. The Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates offers the services of the kind of dog bite attorneys Los Angeles residents need when a severe dog bite results in high doctor bills (including reconstructive plastic surgery), disability, and other hardships.

If you are the victim of a dog bite while on private or public property, it’s time to consult the legal experts at J. Shaffer Smith & Associates to find out if the dog owner can be held legally responsible for your injuries. The Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates may be able to garner damages for you such as medical emergency room costs, hospitalization, plastic surgery, psychological and emotional trauma treatment, lost wages and future earning, pain, and suffering. If head trauma of any time is involved, you may also be looking for the services of a competent brain injury attorney.

Contingency-Basis Law Firm

When victims come to the realization that they need a dog bite attorney, they often may panic because they worry that they can’t afford the very expensive hourly fees most lawyers charge. Fortunately, a dog bite attorney at the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates works on a contingency basis. This means that no legal fees are paid until money has been recovered from the defendant, either in the form of a settlement or a legal judgment. The benefit is that people who would most likely never have been able to raise the funds needed to procure a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles can avail themselves of the services of some of the best and most energetic lawyers around.

For more information regarding dog bites, consult the place for a dog bite lawyer Los Angeles residents turn to first. Please call the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates today at 323-653-5092.