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J. Shaffer Smith is the Dog Bite Attorney Los Angeles Trusts

Dog bites can lead to infection and in some cases, deadly disease. If you find yourself in need of a dog bite attorney, Los Angeles-based J. Shaffer Smith & Associates is always the first call to make. Led by top attorney J. Shaffer Smith, their legal team has developed exceptional in handling the needs of Southern Californians who are the victim of a dog owner's negligence.

Due to the concept of strict liability, in California, dog owners are often specifically liable for the long term impact of an attack by their dog. While he is renowned as a top brain injury lawyer, Mr. Smith has developed a team at the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates that is wholly capable of garnering substantial damages for victims of dog attack. Medical wages, future earning, pain and suffering can all be covered when our legal team is fighting for you.

Dog owners have a legal obligation to restrain their animal for the safety of the general public – but when they fail to do that, it is their responsibility to make the victim whole again through financial compensation. At J. Shaffer Smith and associates, our team includes the ideal burn injury lawyer, as well as the premier attorney for dog bite victims. In fact, we have earned over $¼ billion in awards and settlements for our clients so far.

Unfortunately, dog bites are a fact of life. While dogs can't be held accountable for doing what is in their nature, their owners can. Contact J. Shaffer Smith & Associates today, and get your life back on track.