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Motorcycle Accident Attorney | J. Shaffer Smith & Associates


J. Shaffer Smith, the motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles trusts, would like to remind you that though Motorcycle riding can be a lot of fun, statistically, it is also exceptionally dangerous. Not only are there other motorists to be aware of, but in many cases, environmental factors can also contribute to unsafe conditions. Obstructions from landscaping or construction materials, poor lighting, an absence of road signs and other problems can each lead to serious motorcycle accidents. If any of these issues are deemed to be the result of an individual, company or government’s negligence, our motorcycle accident attorney team may be able to garner you substantial awards for the physical, emotional or psychological pain you may have experienced.

When seeking a truly expert motorcycle accident attorney, you’ll want to know your attorney is unparalleled at achieving truly meaningful results for clients. At J. Shaffer Smith & Associates, you’ll find the motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles residents have trusted since 1976. Mr. Smith personally trains his staff and legal associates at the firm. Through their expertise, Mr. Smith and his team has achieved over $ ¼ billion in verdicts and settlements to date.

For the premier Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, look no further than the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates. Because we understand the severe pain and stress that can be caused by a road collision, our motorcycle accident lawyer team at J. Shaffer Smith & Associates work to do everything we can to make the experience as comfortable and pain-free as possible. If your injuries or financial situation leave you unable to visit our offices, we will come to your home, hospital or other convenient location to explore the facts of your case and your legal rights. That’s why it comes as no surprise that when in need of a personal injury attorney, Los Angeles residents call upon us to deliver exceptional results.

If you do find yourself in a position wherein you require a top Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney, there are a number of steps you can take immediately to better your chances of achieving substantial financial awards for your suffering. Firstly, stop at the accident scene and call 911 if you or anyone else is injured. Call the highway patrol or the local police to report the accident, and do not sign anything, except a traffic ticket. Do not volunteer information about fault of the accident. Jot down information about how and when the accident happened and its location. Do not wait, as memories fade over time. Report the accident to your insurance carrier and DMV, if applicable.

If injured, the esteemed auto accident attorney Mr. Smith particularly encourages you to seek immediate medical attention and be sure to have records of any medical issues that occur as a result of the accident. If you do not have insurance or a family physician, our office may be able to help you obtain medical treatment. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle or auto collision, the most important call you can make to increase your chances of achieving substantial financial compensation is to therenowned motorcycle accident lawyer at J. Shaffer Smith & Associates.

For a free consultation, call the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates today at 323-653-5092. Whether you require an auto, motorcycle or truck accident attorney, we are the expert legal team you can rely on.