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The Ideal Brain Injury Lawyer is found at J. Shaffer Smith & Associates

When seeking a truly top-notch personal injury attorney, Los Angeles residents know to trust J. Shaffer Smith & Associates. Since 1976, the preeminent firm has provided impeccable legal counsel to those who need it most – often leading to ample rewards and life-changing settlements.

Believe it or not, our Senior Trial Attorney, J. Shaffer Smith, began his career practicing law as an insurance defense attorney, defending large companies and achieving much acclaim for his exceptional skill. However, before long, Mr. Smith began to seek work that was more fulfilling, leading him to open his own practice, and soon garner a reputation as the ideal personal injury, auto or motorcycle accident lawyer for those who need help the most.

At the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates, Mr. Smith supervises a team of similarly knowledgeable and skilled legal professionals who are passionate about fighting for the rights of those who are suffering due to the negligence of others or the injurious actions of organizations. When an individual is in need of a brain injury lawyer due to an accident suffered by themself or a loved one, the most important call they make may be to our offices. To date we have won over $ ¼ billion in awards and settlements for our clients – compensation that can go a long way towards making one’s life whole once again.

For further information regarding our top brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles, or any of our practice areas specialties, contact the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates today by calling 323-653-5092. We’ll even offer you a free consultation. Our team is always dedicated to ensuring those who need help the most can receive it from top tier attorneys, so contact us today.