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When in Need of a Bad Faith Attorney, Call J. Shaffer Smith

When an insurer refuses to pay a settlement that is owed, the effect can be truly devastating to the insured individual. However, due to the complexity of insurance contracts and legal concerns, many people find themselves unsure how to respond when they become the victim of the trusted covenant between an insured individual and their insurer. In these cases, expert bad faith insurance attorney J. Shaffer Smith is always the ideal legal counsel.

Though he is today known as a top personal injury and brain injury lawyer, J. Shaffer Smith began his illustrious career working on behalf of insurance companies. It didn't take long for Mr. Smith to realize he was far more comfortable helping those who need help the most, which led him to give up his lucrative position in order to start his own firm – the renowned J. Shaffer Smith & Associates.

Today, J. Shaffer Smith & Associates provides the premier burn injury lawyer, personal injury, and of course, bad faith insurance legal counsel in Southern California. In fact, the firm has earned more than $ ¼ billion in verdicts and settlements for clients to date. Through a combination of unparalleled skill, experience and dedication to those who need help the most, Mr. Smith and his team have proven that they are the professional a person should turn to first if an insurance company is acting unethically.

For further information regarding bad faith in insurance cases, or any of our other practice areas specialties, contact the Law Offices of J. Shaffer Smith & Associates. Through a free consultation, we will assist you in deciding upon the best possible course of action to ensure you receive the rewards you're entitled to.